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Weld Prepration
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Mechanical Properties
  • Versatile electrode, cuts any metal.
  • No supplementary equipment needed.
  • Concentrated arc for cleaner cuts.
  • For high speed, all position cutting and piercing of all metals. For burning rivets and bevelling metal. Most ideal for cutting and piercing carbon steel, S.S., C.I., Malleable iron, Nickel and its alloy, Aluminum, Copper and Bronze. Very less finishing required on cuts. Lomelt 601 can withstand high current without over heating.
  • Cutting of plates & pipes. Piercing of holes. Removing rivets, flash and risers.
  • Hot exothermic arc yields a highly efficient metal removing tool.
  • Kerfs are narrow and clean.
  • Further finishing not necessary.
  • Where chamfering or grooving is necessary without any supplementary equipment. For gouging out old defective weld metal. For use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. A specially formulated flux coating produces exothermic reaction which concentrates the arc force at the point of application. Finishing is rarely needed.
  • Gouging Aluminum, Cast iron & other metals. Bevelling cracks. Removing excess metal and unwanted sections.