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Copper Alloys
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Mechanical Properties
  • Low heat input
  • For use on copper alloys, steels and C.I.
  • Porosity free, dense deposit fully machinable.
  • Good resistance to wear due to corrosion.
  • For excellent colour match to bronze and for smooth, spatterfree and dense machinable deposit. Excellent for welding of steels and cast irons to copper alloys. Also for repairing breaks and cracks in copper alloy castings, building up missing sections.
  • Tensile Strength : 28 kgf/mm2 (Typ.)
  • Bearing surfaces, Bus bar, Valves, Moulds, Ship propellers, Impeller blades, Casting salvage, Dissimilar metals.
  • Exceptional weldability.
  • Versatile electrode for joining and over-laying of steels, cast irons and bronze etc.
  • Porosity free, dense deposits which are easily machinable.
  • Colour matching with bronze.
  • An exceptional bronze alloy electrode having excellent weldability. The force of the arc is strong and stable. The deposits after smooth finish have a low coefficient of friction. Deposits resist salt water and steam corrosion.
  • Tensile Strength : 30 kgf/mm2 (Typ.)
  • Packing glands, Sleeves, Castings, Pump casings, Impellers, Marine components & Gear teeth.