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Cast Iron
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Mechanical Properties
  • Close colour match with cast iron.
  • High strength weld deposit with good crack resistance.
  • Fast freezing spray transfer.
  • For all cast iron applications not requiring machining. Specially formulated flux coating aids welding in deep holes and tight corners. Cracking of weld is minimised. The weld metal will oxidise and match its colour with cast iron. Can be used for joining cast iron to steel. Superior, unmatched performance on contaminated surfaces.
  • Tensile Strength : 38-50 kgf/mm2
  • Foundry defects, Sealing of oil soaked cast iron, Corroded or oxidised cast iron furnace equipment, Machine frames, Pump impellers, Motors and valve bodies etc.
  • Low heat input and all position electrode.
  • Exceptional weldability on Grey C.I., malleable iron and spheroidal grey iron.
  • High strength and high crack resistance.
  • Excellent weldability and machinability.
  • A low heat input machinable electrode for optimum penetration on contaminated surfaces of nodular (SG Iron), malleable, grey cast iron and joining to steel. Deposits are fully machinable. Deposits with excellent crack resistance are recommended for joining and build up.
  • Tensile Strength : 35-45 kgf/mm2
  • Hardness (As deposited): 200 BHN (Max.)
  • Pump housings, Rotors, Foundry defects, Compressors, Bearing blocks, Rope drums, Valves, Gear boxes, Sprocket wheels & Machine beds.
  • Low heat input all position electrode.
  • Excellent weldability and machinability.
  • Suitable for variety of cast irons.
  • For thin walled grey cast iron and building up missing sections in all positions. Best suited for cladding, repairing cracks and joining of C.I. to other metals. Exceptionally good for vertical and overhead welding.
  • Tensile Strength: 35-45 kgf/mm2
  • Hardness (As deposited): 180 BHN (Max.)
  • Engine blocks (Water jackets), Pump housing, Cylinder blocks, Cast iron gears and pulleys, Machine beds, Glass moulds.
  • Controlled penetration.
  • High weld metal density.
  • Greater ease of application.
  • Best colour match.
  • For welding of grey, malleable and nodular cast irons. Cast iron with unknown composition can also welded.Use where maximum machinability is required. Specially formulated flux coating controls penetration and prevents excessive base metal dilution.
  • Tensile Strength : 35-45 kgf/mm2
  • Hardness (As deposited) : 180 BHN (Max.)
  • Pump rotors, Pump housing, Compressors, Valves, Gear boxes.
  • Excellent adherence to dirty cast irons.
  • Porosity free deposits with good machinability.
  • Superior crack resistance.
  • Colour match with cast iron.
  • A low heat input machinable electrode for cast iron is suitable for welding oil soaked and dirty cast irons. Recommended for fettling work and casting defects repair in foundries, castings involving hydrostatic pressure, joints under restraint, dissimilar thickness, welding of heavy sections, joining cast iron to steel without any danger of cracking.
  • TENSILE STENGTH : 60 Kgf/mm2
  • HARDNESS (As deposited) : 200 BHN
  • Furnace Grates, Machine Bases, Foundry defects, Oil Soaked castings & chemically soaked castings, Pumps and differential housings, Gear box housing, Cast iron dies, Circumferential pipe welds, Heavy cast iron sections, joining cast iron to steels.
  • Multi pass deposits exhibit medium hardness of cast iron.
  • Excellent weldability on cast iron.
  • All position welding.
  • Machinable with carbide tool.
  • Porosity free deposit.
  • A low heat input all position electrodes recommended for buildup on broken roller teeth in Sugar Mills & repair of foundry defects. The porosity free deposit of LM 406 is machinable with carbide tool.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH: 60 Kgf/mm2.
  • HARDNESS (As deposited): 200 BHN (max.) Single layer
  • : 400 BHN (max.) Third layer
  • Build up of broken roller teeth in Sugar mills/Repair of foundry defects.
  • Excellent Weldability in all positions.
  • High strength and high crack resistance.
  • Good machinability.
  • Lomelt 407 gives High Strenghth, Machinable, Porosity free deposits on Grey Cast Iron and SG Iron. Deposts exhibit excellent crack resistance.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH : 40 kg. / mm2 (Typ.)
  • HARDNESS (as deposited) : 160- 200 BHN
  • Suitable for repair of Cracks and buildup on Grey Cast Iron and SG Iron and joning them to carbon steels. Also suitable for repair of foundry defects.